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Curious, eh Watson?

England’s most celebrated consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, is on the prod again in this captivating collection of ten adventures, told in the voice of Dr John H Watson, Holmes’s fictional biographer and companion.
Holmes solves a whodunit murder involving a wildcat, as well as others with equivalent mystery. Holmes is his brilliant self as he unravels a scheme in which the body of a man turns up missing.
In each of the stories, the authors preserve the dialogue and the intrigue immortalized by the writing of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. As the narratives unfold, the reader is whisked back to that time and place Doyle so vividly captured.

This book is published by 221B Baker Street Press, LLC;  Find the book here

Saga of a Latter-Day SADDLE TRAMP

Saga of a Latter-Day Saddle Tramp is the captivating true story of Jack Grochot’s five-year horseback journey through twelve states, where he encountered many unusual characters and harrowing experiences. He accomplished this trek with his four-legged companions, a double-barrel shotgun, and the good will of more than two hundred rural households.
Not all the characters the author came upon were friendly, but for the most part Grochot and his animals were welcome visitors, provoking curiosity as spectacles to behold from a bygone era.
As you travel with the author through the Blue Ridge Mountains and, later, through much of the South, you share with him the scary times as well as the peaceful times, plus gain a wonderful sense of the landscape and its population.
Follow the hoof beats of Grochot’s two wild mustangs with the old dog Buddy beside them. And when you turn the final page you will shake your head in bewilderment that a modern-day adventure of this magnitude could actually come to such an abrupt, mind-boggling conclusion.

This book is published by The Iconoclast Press; Find the story here:

Beware, Watson! Danger!

These nine adventures are re-printed from issues of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine and The Sherlock Holmes Megapack, a digital book. In the stories, Holmes and his biographer-companion Dr. John H. Watson confront obstacles that include whodunit murders, espionage, an international swindle, a corrupt politician, Russian secret police assassins, disappearances, a reported kidnapping, and a fatal arson. All of which takes the master detective into various parts of 19th Century London, plus the countryside on the outskirts of the city and beyond, as well as the Netherlands and China. Many of the eight short stories and one novella are based on references to the cases in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – references which never materialized into Watson’s sixty original narratives, known to Holmes aficionados as the Canon. “Tales that sound just like Watson was telling them,” noted mystery magazine editor Marvin N. Kaye when commenting to the author on the authenticity of his work.

This book is published by 221B Baker Street Press, LLC;  Find the book here

Come, Watson! Quickly!

Author Jack Grochot’s book, Come, Watson!  Quickly!, is a suspenseful collection of five new Sherlock Holmes adventures.  In it, the British empire’s most renowned detective and his biographer-companion, Dr. John H. Watson, confront harrowing situations that confound and stymie the official police until the villain is unveiled by clever deductions and gritty footwork.

The first of these five pastiches pits Holmes and Watson in a juggernaut of international intrigue and assassination, with the backdrop of world-famous circus performers caught up in the mayhem.  In the second narrative, Holmes is enticed to dispel the notion that a phantom is responsible for the vicious murder of a prominent figure.  The third story, a novella with twists and turns that cross the Atlantic Ocean, tells a bizarre tale involving the convergence of a cold homicide case with a fresh one.  The fourth adventure is a whodunit with the victim a young woman painter who once was a patient of Watson when he practiced medicine in Kensington.  The final installment takes place in the southern countryside district of Hampshire, where fly fishermen are dropping dead in mysterious accidents.

Throughout the process of solving spellbinding crimes that appear to have no clear solutions, Holmes escorts the reader across Victorian-era London and its environs aboard trains and horse-drawn vehicles, conveyances that were glamorized along with the main characters and plots in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of those marvelous yarns known to aficionados as the Canon.

Today, Holmes’s superior wits, his brilliant methods of investigation, plus his intuitive prowess, all return to the printed page to captivate and entertain, just as they did in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

This book is published by 221B Baker Street Press, LLC;  Find the book here