Beware, Watson! Danger!

These nine adventures are re-printed from issues of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine and The Sherlock Holmes Megapack, a digital book. In the stories, Holmes and his biographer-companion Dr. John H. Watson confront obstacles that include whodunit murders, espionage, an international swindle, a corrupt politician, Russian secret police assassins, disappearances, a reported kidnapping, and a fatal arson. All of which takes the master detective into various parts of 19th Century London, plus the countryside on the outskirts of the city and beyond, as well as the Netherlands and China. Many of the eight short stories and one novella are based on references to the cases in the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – references which never materialized into Watson’s sixty original narratives, known to Holmes aficionados as the Canon. “Tales that sound just like Watson was telling them,” noted mystery magazine editor Marvin N. Kaye when commenting to the author on the authenticity of his work.

This book is published by 221B Baker Street Press, LLC;  Find the book here